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SharePoint Extension: Get-SPWebRelative

The main reason I began writing my PowerShell extensions was that I needed to do some in-depth traversal of the SharePoint farm and its content.  I’m going to demonstrate some of those extensions now, using  Getting an SPWeb The conventional way of obtaining a reference to an SPWeb is: get-spweb http://mybiglongservername:8080/path/to/web Because this requires a […]


  • I'm really enjoying using Git. #
  • Reading up on Microsoft LiveMesh and SSE.  Interesting stuff.  Revolutionary?  I dunno.   Still processing. #
  • Digging Cubic Explorer and WinSplit Revolution #
  • I just installed Google Chrome and it feels nice, fast, and lightweight.  But it's weird looking at my Task Manager and seeing tons of chrome.exe processes running.  Still, if it's less of a memory hog than FF, I'm all over it. #
  • Oh my dear sweet lord I am SOOOO tired of ASP.NET AppDomain recycling!!! #